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New autism diagnosis guidelines miss the mark on how best to help children with developmental problems

Autism has become a default consideration for any child who struggles socially, behaviourally, or with sensory stimuli. from shutterstock.com The first national guidelines for diagnosing autism were released for public consultation last week. The report by research group Autism CRC was commissioned and funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in October 2016. The […]

More cyclists are ending up in hospital with serious injuries, so we need to act now

Serious injury rates are rising in cyclists, and are associated with significant disability and economic costs. from www.shutterstock.com Cyclists are suffering more serious injuries in road crashes than ever before, leading to significant disability, our new study shows. But what is less clear is what’s behind these injuries, which are occurring as the number of […]

How the NDIS is using the market to create housing for people with disability

The Grocon-built 77-apartment Greenwich Fairfield development in Melbourne includes ten apartments for people with disability. Artist's impression, Grocon, Author provided Housing for people with disability is being transformed from grants-based funding to a market-based system where people with disabilities control their own funding. This market has the potential to grow in size by around A$5 […]

Think disability is a tragedy? We pity you

Disability prejudice in the classroom can teach children early on that some lives are more worthy than others. (Shutterstock) You pick your child up at school and see her hanging out with a child with autism. Your reaction is: A) pride, B) confusion, C) concern, D) pity. If you said yes to any of the […]